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Circular Communities for a Sustainable Economy 

 I am a stakeholder, partnership and communications executive focussed on facilitating sustainable solutions for a circular economy.

I love nothing more than working with others to achieve the seemingly impossible. Whatever the objective, I partner the right people, resources to support and work together to create impact, the more complex the better. With a background in Government and large, multinational organisations I am able to weave through ambiguity and empower stakeholders around a common vision.
I have built strong stakeholder relationships across complex and dynamic environments - including Federal and State Government, corporate and community sectors in local and global settings. Every project has tested my resilience and tenacity, but I love a strategic challenge and always find a way to deliver business results, with a touch of extraordinary entrepreneurial flair.
With one eye on the future, I bring fresh ideas, business smarts and compassion into my work. I specialise in compelling employee communications, connecting individuals to company purpose and values and personally find myself drawn to organisations that have a strong purpose. I have been able to achieve what no one thought was originally possible.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss a project, need advice or would like to catch up over a coffee.

Mary Barry

Executive Director

Eco Circular Solutions

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